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Commitment – The Secret of Consecration

Friday, July 31st, 2015

     It is a joy to share with you this day one of the meaningful ideas from Dr. Marc Edmund Jones related with a commitment to intentional living and following our ideals, as I think about the potential of each of us to make a difference in the world.
     In his own words,

     “Through many thousands of commitmentyears the illuminated souls have known that spiritual accomplishment of a great or enduring sort is founded on or centered in a consecrated personality. … The secret of consecration comes down to a real throwing of the person with all of her/his talents and the whole of his/her energies into a cause or project of some sort.”

     “Great movements evolve from the dreams of consecrated individuals who devote all their powers to some cause that benefits all men.”

Marc Edmund Jones
Founder of the Sabian Assembly

Reflecting on Value in Experience

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

       Our choices shape our experience in an expansion of happiness.  As we grow from experience we enrich our living and that of those around us, conducive to serenity and inner peace.  Experiences have transformative power and once in a while we are challenged to manage a most significant change: a severe or terminal illness, the loss of a beloved one, the end of a relationship, a major shift in the working environment, a new career.

FlowersPeace Pilgrim became a role model in finding value in all that happened to her.  Speaking about difficult situations, she said,

“There is the whole matter of having a meaningful attitude for the problems that life may set before you. There was a time when I thought it was a nuisance to be confronted with a problem.  I tried to get rid of it or have somebody else solve it for me.  It was a great day in my life when I discovered the wonderful purpose of problems.  They are opportunities in disguise!  Problems are learning and growing experiences.”  

She found that all that happens in life either teaches us something, or inspires us or gives us an opportunity in serving others.  Many times experiences in life fulfill all three purposes.

       In what ways do you value your own experiences?  When the opportunity occurs, I invite you to consider:

  • How can I sustain and encourage the process of seeing each experience as a great source of growth and learning?
  • In what ways do my most intense experiences in life inspire me to ever-expanding service?
  • How do my choices affect and transform this experience?


Mission in Life Commitments

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

       Experiences in life prepare us to discover our mission in life in harmony with universal purpose. As we dedicate ourselves to fulfill our mission we make ourselves essential to the flow of outer life. We discover then that we are immersed in all events with a never-ceasing interest and that each experience is an opportunity to rejoice in serving others.

       This day, I would like to share my mission in life commitments to embrace my calling.

       I fulfill my purpose in life seeing others as an aspect of myself. When they are hungry, I am hungry; when they hurt, I hurt; when they are healed, it is I who receive; when they are happy, I am happy. I choose to work in peace for the good of the whole. Wherever I go, I become essential to the flow of outer life and appreciate the great joy of recognizing and meeting the deeper needs of others. I cooperate with everyone else in the fulfillment of their higher self-selected purpose. In the joy of being, I accept all my self-assumed obligations as a high responsibility.

       Beginning with this message, you will receive my Musings once a month. It will be a joy for me to learn about the ways in which you embrace your calling.


Gandhi - my life is my mission

My life is my mission.

Vessel of Wisdom – Silence

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

       Sometimes silence can be disconcerting and can make people feel uncomfortable, it can also be interpreted as a way to stop or simply postpone communication. I enter into silence for profound contemplation about life in unity with the all.

A moment in Geneva

A moment in Geneva

It is also an opportunity to take time for deeper reflections to discover better ways to approach interactions in a peaceful manner, conducive to wellness. It becomes a great resource to listen to the inner wisdom that comes from within in a spirit of expanded awareness in meditation. It is from this inner source that speech becomes meaningful in each interaction, facilitated by a conscious employment of silence – within and without.

       Silence is also a way of awakening to the potential of communications that come from the highest of our values and ideals.


       This day, my sharing with you arises from the little book of aphorisms of the Spaniard, Balthasar Gracian:


“A prudent silence is the sacred vessel of wisdom.”

           shared by Stan Carnarius, United States


Everlasting Values Commitments

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

     Beauty calls to eternal appreciation.  The eternal is an expression of values in the experience of humanity.  This day, I would like to share my commitments for an embrace of everlasting values.

  • Focusing on appreciation, I am constantly building values of eternal significance.  
  • In the joy of morning meditation I become one with all in the unifying power of fellowship in beauty. 
  • I enrich people’s lives by sharing my highest understanding and gladly being open to and accepting all the lessons that come from everyone, for we are all teachers of each other.  
  • Today I will take a good look at the stars and will see the Unity of All through their sparkling light.

Value of a Pringle Sunset

     It will be a joy to learn about the ways in which you embrace everlasting values.

Opportunities to Give and Share

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

     A question came in my correspondence:

“Everyday life offers varied opportunities for giving and sharing.  One of them comes when someone lets us know of a critical health condition.  What can we do in such circumstances?  How can we have a useful approach?”

Share and be ...

Share and be …

     By being sensitive to other people’s needs and desires we become better equipped to respond in constructive ways according to the situation.  In many cases, the best we can do is to share our deepest hope.  A hope that opens the door to the future… a hope that gives point and purpose to all experience… a hope that leads to understanding.

     It is worthwhile to let people know we wish to help in the best possible way and that we are open to hear what that might be.  Sometimes our best contribution is just listening to our dear ones.  Recently a friend was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Through our dialogues she has also given me a gift as she shared what she has discovered: “There is new life within us… waiting to be born.”

     A colleague who is now confronting heart problems and severe allergies that prevent her from eating a variety of foods told me that she wishes to let pain be a positive renaissance.

     Our gift to others may simply be just being there, sharing with the whole of ourselves.


     I will be happy to share my personal approach, comments and experience – related with the attainment of inner peace – to a question you would like me to consider for my Musings.  Please send it to my email address.

Beyond Words …

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

     A dear friend offers her mind, heart and soul openly each day to a higher voice, asking that whatever gifts or talents she has been graced with, be shared in a goal of service toward peace, harmony and goodwill, and that she might be of service as an instrument or messenger to speak through.  She continues to seek God and higher goals of service through prayer and quiet conversations.

     She meditates continuously, quietly, throughout her day, focusing on selfless-leadership influences to intervene with compassionate protection for the helpless, suffering victims of world-imposed survival situations, and circumstances resulting from war violence, greed and loss of moral compass.

     She describes her mission like this… “Above the language barrier – seeking a higher form of human nature – beyond words…”.

Meaningful Living

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

      It is a joy to share with you some of my commitments to embrace the power of meaningful living and I invite you to reflect on them in the light of significant events in your life.

      Significant living was at the core of Peace Pilgrim’s

St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi

experience.  Speaking about her growth process, she said, “The turning point came when, in desperation and out of a very deep seeking for a meaningful way of life, I walked all one night through the woods.  I came to a moonlit glade and prayed.  I felt a complete willingness, without any reservations, to give my life – to dedicate my life – to service.”  “Please use me!” she prayed to God.  And a great peace came to her.  She described it as the second phase of her life, “I began to live to give… and entered a new and wonderful world.   My life was blessed with a meaningful purpose.”

      I embrace higher significance in each act of life.  In the privacy of my sacred space, I take time to reflect and explore deeper meaning in my most recent experiences and those still in process of assimilation.  I embrace the golden silence for a few moments of meditation and let symbolism arise.  In all events coming to my attention today I will consider what elements exist for the highest good of all concerned as I embrace a spirit of unity.  I am open to all synchronicities coming from the universe.

Love and Harmony

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

My husband and I go to our dear friends Sylvia and Phil’s house, every chance we have on the third Friday evening of the month and share interesting dialogue and a delicious vegetarian meal.  Sylvia shared her impressions after one of these gatherings:

“As always, I enjoyed our Friday night.  Actually, I’m still feeling a little full from all the wonderful food.  I am always impressed by how people coming together, each one bringing just one dish can create a gourmet feast.  Perhaps we can create this same idea in consciousness.  Just think, a few people sending loving thoughts could possibly change the world!”

           Love fosters harmony.  It has a transformative power that moves and has brought unity to the world from time immemorial.

I invite you to reflect for a moment on your core belief system about the power of love and harmony.  Here are some initial ideas to consider.

  • What does it mean for me to attain a state of dynamic harmony through love, kindness and peace?
  • Do I experience love and respect for all fellow human beings and all creation?
  • In what ways do I constructively contribute to universal harmony through my actions in everyday living?

Tao and Meaning…

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

         Some time ago, I wrote a note to you about Tao and Meaning, based on the experience of my friend, Sherry Carroll that summarized into this quote: ““Once you understand the meaning you can forget the words.”

         As a result of this note, some of you shared your own related impressions:

“This is a good illustration of ‘qualia’.”

Stan Carnarius

“I like Sherry’s idea!”

Claudia Biacci

“Words Forgotten!  Meaning CLEAR!”

Brian Donley

“Hearing the story rings so true.  Yesterday I was proofreading some philosophical materials and two of those subtle meanings became apparent. “

Carol Zengara

         I invite you to send me your favorite Tao quotes and I will consider them for potential publication in various of my global writings.


         “Qualia” is a philosophical term that refers to individual instances of subjective, conscious experience.  There are multiple definitions of “qualia” and they have changed over time.  One of the simpler, broader definitions is, “The ‘what it is like’ character of mental states.  The way it feels to have mental states such as pain, seeing red, smelling a rose, etc.”

The perceived redness of an evening sky…is beyond words…a “Qualia.”



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