Who We Are

Mayte Picco-Kline Mayte Picco-Kline has a Master’s degree with honors and ample experience in the field of Organizational Psychology and has been a counselor in the international community for people of diverse educational backgrounds, religions and cultures, talking about inner peace and the exploration of inner potential. She was born in Mexico City in the warmth of a multi-cultural family with influences from Spain, Lebanon, México and Italy.  Mayte holds dual citizenship from México and the United States.

She and her husband, Robert, publish Words of Inspiration in English and Spanish with worldwide distribution and Ideas in Action, a monthly blog in English exploring inner peace. 

She has given public outreach presentations to various audiences in México, the United States and Costa Rica, where she also participated in events related with an historic peace initiative known as “Costa Rica 2000: A New Millennium of Peace” and organized a seminar held at the University for Peace of the United Nations.  Her work has attracted interviews by the print and broadcast media, resulting in the production of dozens of radio interviews, newspaper and magazine articles, and more than twenty-five television appearances where she has shared her understanding of inner peace. Her vision of the future includes continuous actions for the creation of a culture of peace.

Mayte published her book Wholeness in Living – Kindling the Inner Light in June of 2007. She is vice-President of the board of Friends of Peace Pilgrim and participates in the activities of the Sabian Assembly, a cooperative project for expanding human capacities in every practical area of individual and group activity.

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Bob Kline was born in Boise, Idaho, in the United States. After completing a BA and MBA with honors from Washington State University, he enjoyed over 33 years of management service with Ford Motor Company, Ford New Holland, New Holland and CNH, including 7 years of international executive experience in Venezuela, Mexico and the United Kingdom, and 26 years in the United States.

Bob expanded his collaboration with Mayte after September 11, 2001 by assisting in the translation of her international newsletter,  Enlace Internacional, permitting its publication in English.  Through his continued work the newsletter has expanded its outreach to a large number of countries around the world. This collaboration grew into a fulltime labor of love with the completion of Mayte’s book, Wholeness in Living: Kindling the Inner Light, as Bob took on the role of Business Manager at SolarM Publishing. His managerial skills and enthusiastic dedication to his mission for peace are a cornerstone in this project’s outreach activity. Bob is Mayte’s beloved husband.

Lilia Del Valle Rogel Lilia del Valle Rogel is a talented artist and Architect who works in Toluca and Cancún, México.  She was born in Tenancingo, State of Mexico. Her interest in painting has lead to her taking classes taught by Ignacio Barrios, Demetrio Jordan and Ana Elena Madrigal.  Her favorite media is watercolor, where her style combines composition, study of light and proportions while moving from figurative to interpretative painting and searching for a synthesis of motivation, sustained in the transparency and subtlety allowed by the media.

She believes that aesthetic perception beautifies the spirit and created the watercolors published in Wholeness in Living between 1998 and 2000.

Stan Carnarius Stan Carnarius was born in the United States and has spent many years in the field of personal development which has resulted in the publication of various works, including: Management Problems and Solutions, Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc; Motivating Managers, Opinion Research Corporation; So You’re Going to Handle Supervisory Training, Training and Development Journal; and A New Approach To Designing Training Programs, Training & Development Journal.  Stan recently authored “The Adventures of a Sabian Student” and edited “Patterns of Consciousness”.  Other professional activities in Stan’s background include his work as a trade book editor and attitude researcher.

He is a member of the Sabian Assembly where he published Marc Edmund Jones: Perspectives & Selections.  He is also a member of the Religious Society of Friends. Stan has worked with Mayte in their philosophical endeavors since 1993 and is the editor of Wholeness in Living.

Restorative Justice Practitioner, Charito Calvachi-Mateyko was born in Ecuador and has dedicated herself to preserving her Latin American culture and traditions.  It was in this spirit that she began a labor of love that resulted in an extensively researched book that represents the Christmas music, prayers, and traditions of twenty-five Latin American countries.

Charito received a degree in Conflict Transformation in Eastern Mennonite University, studying under Dr. Howard Zehr, the “grandfather” of the restorative justice movement in the USA, and Kay Pranis, a Circle-process author.  She holds a doctoral degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Quito, Ecuador.  As part of her law practice there she provided legal assistance to incarcerated and Indigenous people. She has served in all forms of communications and has interviewed Mayte for radio and television in aspects related with a culture of peace for radio and television since 1999. For more information, please visit: www.charitocalvachi.com

Jonas "Jack" Mather Having graduated with honors in Journalism, Jonas “Jack” Mather pursued his chosen discipline, culminating his life-long career with 10 years at the Washington Times. During those years, Jack wrote light verse for The Rittenhouse Review, the Trenton Times, The Temple News and most of the news media that hired him as a writer-editor. He wrote verse, and occasionally poetry, since he was a seven-year-old would-be composer of romantic ballads.  A deep and durable urge to create resulted in the publishing of Shards, a wide-ranging volume composed during his retirement years.

Jonas passed away in 2008 and we honor his memory in this website.   Some of his poems have been published in Mayte’s newsletter and with his authorization we are honored to continue its publication into the future. Monkey C Media designed and built our web site.  The folks at MCM continue to be an integral part of our team.  You can learn more about them by visiting their web site at www.monkeycmedia.com