"I read Wholeness in Living – Kindling the Inner Light through in 4-5 hours.  I then re-read, studied, applied and have started teaching these spirit-filled principles.  In my service to God on Sunday, I read through "Being in Wholeness".  My private service with my family allows my Wife and Boys the opportunity of hearing positive, thought-creating ideals.  I personally have written my reflections for each of the "golden stepping stones".  I affirm daily my wishes for all people worldwide to learn, apply and teach in happiness, health and wealth.  I believe this book is in itself, a passage through the pearly gates for anyone who is willing to Learn, Apply and Teach its methods to those they love and set an example for others to follow.

"I have written many different notes throughout the book.  What was once new, serene, peaceful, a beautiful work of art, with white pages, beautiful watercolor paintings and words of wisdom is now used and productive.   Very few books have I read, that, I believe the content was worthy of full study. "I affirm and align myself with your Wholeness in Living. "I raised your name and book up in Prayer with a prayer group that I belong to.  I pray that your book reaches the masses and touches the world in the same Spirit that it was written in!" Brian J. Donley, Wisconsin, USA. Author of The Original Psychology of Success and Donley's Law. For more about Bryan: brianjdonley.com


"… a jewel like work that will be a welcome daily companion.  I have put it on my book shelf and is a golden reminder to "let it." Eugene Johnson, Farmers Branch, Texas, USA.



orange-line "This book is a good treatise about inner developed peace.  It surely was written under divine inspiration, I think.  Krishnamurti tells us: Only the right way to take us to peace.  This message is written in the chapter, The Joy of Service: 'We dedicate our lives to give when we can live for more than just ourselves, in service for the common good.  It is in giving that we receive.  The joy is in giving.'  Thank you for this gift." Néstor Hugo Almagro. Mendoza, Argentina. Author of Tiempo del Hombre Nuevo. orange-line
"Thank you for your kindness and for the wonderful book that has blessed more than myself already.   I wanted you to know that I have passed it on to a wonderful woman who was going through a change in her life and she is raving about the book so I may find out if she wants to order a few for the office.  Peace and Blessings." Dot Walsh, The Peace Abbey, Sherborn, Massachusetts, USA. www.peaceabbey.org orange-line Rod Carnarius

"Reading your book is a very powerful experience.  I can feel your tremendous energy and power of love pulsing through its pages.  Again, many thanks." Rodney Carnarius, Levittown, Pennsylvania, USA.



orange-line "I have been reading this book with intense interest.  I was awe-struck by the phrase "intentional living".  It's funny how something like that hit the mark.  I am only part-way through this beautiful work and already it has changed my life for the better." Joyce McGinnis, Wilmington, Delaware, USA. orange-line "Thank you so much for the books.  It was so amazing.  When you gave me the book and the St. Francis card – do you remember?   I said, I will keep this as the bookmark for your book and I placed it in it.   When I opened it yesterday, I opened it where I'd placed the bookmark.  It was page 57, Appreciating Experience.   'I'm still learning…. As we give value to our experiences we encourage our own development.  They are symbols of our inner being.  The experiences we gain through life becomes a source of personal counsel to guide our way and open up horizons for richer expression of our inner potential and personality in service to all.'  I was stunned. That was so perfect for what we had been talking about – seeing the value in the experience – how I felt I could send love and healing to an old wound, and if ever it came up again, to use it to send other's love and healing in a similar situation, and how it was good it came up so that I could send it love, to transmute it…. I had found the value in it." Anthea Mitchell, Glastonbury, United Kingdom. Author of Walking Back to Happiness