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     Peaceful Journey is a free online newsletter, published four times each year, focusing on inspirational items we find as well as contributions from our many friends around the world. We invite you to participate by joining our circle of friends (email sign-up below), and by sending us items, artwork, poetry and photos. We look forward to hearing from you, wherever you might be!

Our mission is to celebrate comments and contributions from around the world about exploring inner peace as a meaningful stepping stone in our awakening to wholeness in living.


Wholeness in Living: Kindling the Inner Light

Everlasting Values

 Chapter 2 image “Love is the strongest force the world possesses, and yet it is the humblest imaginable ….”
Mahatma Gandhi

            “A golden stepping stone to the acknowledgement of wholeness comes from an eagerness to center our interests more and more into areas of everlasting value.  We aspire to a unification of reality when the eternal oneness of all manifests in the everyday world.”

Thoughts to Ponder

  • What are the core enduring values guiding my path?
  • How can I build a renewed sense of values each day?    


WelcomeWelcome image

          A warm welcome to our newest friends in the Wholeness in Living circle in Canada, Netherlands Antilles, South Africa, India, United States of America, Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, Lebanon, Belgium, Cuba, United Arab Emirates, Aruba, United Kingdom, Mauritius, Philippines and Czech Republic.


1212 Peace on Earth Film Festival

Once again, the Peace On Earth Film Festival celebrates and encourages the work of independent filmmakers from around the world to contribute to a culture of peace through international cinema, dialogue and programming highlighting individuals on the vanguard of social change. This organization  endeavors to empower individuals, families and communities to step into the light of communication, consideration and understanding.

Submissions are open through October 31, 2011 for this Festival which will be hosted by the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events in February 2012.

News from Friends of Peace Pilgrim

The Peace Pilgrim Book in Dutch and Romanian


          Just a few months ago, Marieke Van Coppenolle shared with us that she was co-translator of the Peace Pilgrim book into Dutch!  Willem Glaudemans was the main translator and the book was originally published in Holland in 1992. 

Marieke tells us the story in her own words, “I ‘met’ Peace Pilgrim through her inspiring book when I was on a walking Marieke Van Coppenollepilgrimage in 1990.  An Irish man gave it to me while I was on a short stay in Taizé, France.  When I read it I thought, ‘Wow, if this book still needs to be translated to Dutch, I would like to do it!’  It was then when  I contacted Friends of Peace Pilgrim and they told me there was a Dutchman already working on it.  I am Flemish, from Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, which means my first language is Flemish – and you can compare Flemish to Dutch like British English to American English: they’re the same language, yet they have different pronunciation, different words and idioms, and even slightly different grammatical structures.  So it was a challenge for us to have a translation that would feel ‘natural’ to both Flemish and Dutch readers.  For most Flemish readers it feels like Dutch (but we’re used to reading Dutch books).  The great news is that Willem, his wife and I became good friends, which I still consider to be a very nice side effect of our translation work.  I’m very grateful to Peace Pilgrim because she brought together such a nice friendship!”   

Romanian — in France

After completing the translation of Steps toward Inner Peace into Romanian, Roxana Bobulesco, who lives in Grenoble, France, (see Peaceful Journey #48) felt a great desire to also translate the book Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in her own Words and through her enthusiastic energy, completed the task in July 2011.  She is also in conversations with other interested parties to create the “Association des Amis de Pélerin de Paix” whose purpose will be to edit and distribute for free copies of Steps and the Book in French and Romanian.

“Steps toward Inner Peace” in Czech

Klara Hewitt completed the translation of Steps into Czech in September and shares her experiences with us.  She says, “I believe everyone encounters things they are meant to, at the right time, whenever they are ready; be they important books, ideas or significant people.  This happened to me in this case.  ‘Accidentally’ I encountered  the story of Klara HewittPeace Pilgrim and it captured my attention.  I looked at the Friends of Peace Pilgrim site and noticed all the translations of the Steps toward Inner Peace that were there.  My own language was missing so I was suddenly overwhelmed by a strong feeling: I have to do it!  Such feeling took me by storm and I knew then I needed to write to Friends of Peace Pilgrim.  All this happened so quickly that at that time I had only briefly looked at Steps, without really reading it through!  Focused reading and understanding came only when I started my translation.

“I felt as if a very good friend of mine who knew me very well was speaking to me.  And she knew what I needed to hear, as if droplets of rain were falling on parched soil.  Her words gave me a new outlook on the world.  I knew I had been looking through the right window in life, but without seeing through the layers of dirt.  Peace Pilgrim suddenly washed my window and I was able to see what was beyond.  All this happened when I was translating Steps.  It had a big effect on my life and I hope you may experience it too.

Messages from our Friends around the World

The Tor, Glastonbury, England“Each and every individual creates the Earth life and scenario that best suits their path to enlightenment.  You will draw into your life those who will be your greatest asset in this process.”

Sylvia Bogosh, United States

The Tor, Glastonbury, England

“Let the Beauty you Love, Be what you do.” ~Rumi

Shared by Kanisha Hall, Belize


“As I become still and alert without I become aware of the sacredness of all life. It is a conscious choice.”

Patti Hudson, United States

“I understand that if there were only one way of doing something, there would be only one person.”

Hopi Key for Peace and Harmony shared by Néstor Hugo Almagro, Argentina


Partners for Peace

The National Peace Academy announces a Master Class in Peace Education,December 2-4, 2011

Our new Partner for Peace offers this unique opportunity to learn with peace education pioneer Dr. Betty A. Reardon and Director of Education of the Academy, Tony Jenkins.  Dr. Reardon is the Founding Director Emeritus of the International National Peace AcademyInstitute on Peace Education and has been involved in peace activities for nearly 50 years.  She has published widely on the theory and development of peace and human rights education, as well as gender and peace topics.  As highlighted by the announcement of the Academy, “this course is designed for experienced peace educators seeking to take the next steps into making good learning experiences even better and closer to the core purposes, principles and practices of comprehensive/critical peace education.  Significant attention will be given to pedagogy and practice.”  This course is part of the National Peacebuilding Peacelearning Certificate Program.

Artistic Expressions

Eriko in Okinawa          “It is so great having a blank canvas… without knowing what will be created…. where love is an expression of the joy felt within; where love is the outpouring of the flourishing of the sunshine felt within.”

Anthea Mitchell, United Kingdom
Eriko-san in Okinawa, Japan 2010 Photo by Eriko Matsuo


Philosophy Corner

“An inner or eternal tie between souls is dependent on mutual respect, each for the real essence of the other.”
Marc Edmund Jones Founder of the Sabian Assembly


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