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        A friend shares a powerful sentence that relates with intentional living which I wish to invite you to consider:

“Rather than a matter of intensity, PEACE is a matter of universal balance, order, and rhythm in harmony — between mankind … and his Planet.”
                    Carole Thompson, United States

        Be still and know that Inner Peace is here. Be still!


Normandy, FRANCE

Harmony and Peace Pilgrim

      Peace Pilgrim became significant in my life in 1989 when I first attended a documentary presentation about her life and contribution. In her spiritual classic, “Steps toward Inner Peace” and her book, “Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in her own Words” she shared pearls of wisdom that decades later continue to brightly resonate in my mind, heart and soul.

      “Be a sweet melody in the great orchestration”, Peace Pilgrim highlighted in her many talks and presentations to audiences eager to listen to her understanding of harmonious living.

      Through her 28 years of pilgrimage in the United States, parts of Mexico and Canada, she dramatized that the way of peace is the way of love.

“You can only find harmony when you realize the oneness of all and work for the good of all.”

We are all ONE.


peace pilgrim

Approaching Conflicts

      In an interview transmitted by WLCH, 91.3 FM in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Charito Calvachi-Mateyko asked me, “In our relationships with others there are conflicts. Are they extraordinary occurrences that happen in our lives or something we all face sooner or later? How do we better approach conflict resolution?”

      We all have experienced conflict, to a greater or lesser degree. Conflict is natural and inevitable. Friction and conflicts have a purpose in life and they can inspire us toward more harmonious living. What varies is the manner in which we face them.

      Conflicts occur for an endless number of reasons. There may be disagreements about facts or events in specific situations. There may be a conflict in goals or objectives to be pursued or in the way in which something is going to be carried out. There may be disagreements in people’s values and ideals and in their perceptions and approach to handling situations.

      Some people or groups tend to avoid facing conflicts, as they give them a great deal of anxiety and a sense of uncertainty. Avoiding conflict does not resolve it, instead the differences which created it may tend to grow with time and the situation can become ever more difficult to solve. Others show a combative style in dealing with conflict, an opposite approach. These people can be very emotional and direct, so we always know their desires. However, by their way of dealing with the situation, they can hurt others and hinder effective communication.


United Nations - Geneva

United Nations – Geneva

      A third approach encourages collaboration. Here people involved in the situation work first toward establishing common goals. Attentive listening in a sincere effort to understand the other’s point of view is a critical skill for conflict resolution. It is also meaningful to make an effort to express our own thoughts and feelings in the most objective and open way. By following this approach we become interested in seeking a common peaceful solution that is favorable for all concerned. We care for what is good for the whole. Everyone wins. This is the style that enables us to peacefully resolve conflicts and to sustain harmonious relations within ourselves and with others.


      I will be happy to share my personal approach, comments and experience – related with the attainment of inner peace – to a question you would like me to consider for Mayte’s Musings.

Personal Calling and Meaningful Living



      My friend Claudia Biacchi in Italy keeps in her wallet a card that reads:

            “How can I understand if this path is serious?”

            “By the fruits you will know the tree.”


      In the depths of my being, I embrace this thought:

            “My soul is lighted at the flame of unceasing aspiration.”

                  (Sabian Affirmation for Happiness)

Reaching Out to the Divine

Hiroshima, Japan      Today I’m thinking of the various ways of focusing when we wish to reach out to universal pattern: time in silence, praying, chanting, living a good life, singing, using affirmations, dancing, bowing, mindful meditation … and all the other multiple wonder-filled ways the human soul has created to express a connectedness with the Divine.

      In a recent conversation, a friend highlighted that Peace Pilgrim spoke about “praying without ceassing.” For her it meant a “Constant projection of positive thought.”
      What does it mean to you?

The Oneness Of All

water lilies - cropped



     All my appreciation to Harry Ha, from South Korea, living in Canada, for introducing me to Dr. Ilchi Lee and his work concerning the representation of the laws of the cosmos through the letters of the Chun Bu Kyung:

“By realizing our innate divine potential, we become one with the essence of the universe and one with creativity, peace, and love.”

Every Moment is the Best Moment!

      In my book, “Wholeness in Living – Kindling the Inner Light” I share my belief that each moment we experience in life is the “best one”. A friend in Argentina who receives these notes contacted me; “Let me comment that sometimes “every moment” does not seem to “be the Best”. Could you please give me some further explanation?”

      I understand that in the midst of suffering or pain or when life happens beyond what we can understand, it seems impossible to see each moment as the best one. As Peace Pilgrim said,
red flowers in the rocks

“Each experience has a purpose – or purposes – in life. It either teaches us something, inspires us, or gives us an opportunity to serve our fellow human beings.”

      From this point of view, “every moment is the best moment” for it is filled with everlasting potential, with expanding opportunities before us, even in the midst of suffering or pain. Often difficult situations bring strength anew and equip us to better deal with similar or even more challenging situations in the future.

Discovering Inner Beauty in Love

        My dear friend, Anthea Mitchell in the United Kingdom, was reflecting on the wonder-filled ways love manifests and shared her


Photo: Mayte Picco-Kline

inner light. She spoke on how nice it would be if the norm were, “Where thoughtfulness and friendship seem so natural that the sunshine seems to come out of every smile.  Where warmth comes out of every heart.  Where joy and friendship shines out of everyone’s eyes.”

        Anthea moves on and shares, “And it is a gift.  To feel it.  To be aware of it.  To become One with it.  What greater gift is there but to feel it and to pass it on. To give it freely.”

        Love is beautiful, it is a divine gift to be shared with all. In the poetic words of Marc Edmund Jones:

“Be still and know that love is here!

A divinely, all embracing love
A healing, sustaining love
The love of a heavenly Father for his children,
The love of a child for its parents
The love of loved ones one for another

This divinely appointed healing love is here. Be still!”

In Times of Uncertainty

      In these times of shifting social paradigms in the world, many of us have been experiencing a sense of uncertainty that Light a Candlemay evolve into despair and may even make it ever more difficult to visualize our ideals and goals as we move ahead. I find useful taking time to meditate each day and consider in deeper ways what I find meaningful and that provides a sense of purpose in life. Patience is important. As Marc Edmund Jones, founder of the Sabian Assembly said, “Patience is anticipating a future.”

      As we develop a capacity to live the fullness of some future in the now, filled with love, compassion, kindness and an understanding of the unity that binds all humanity while each one of us explores our potential through our unique and personal ways, we let shine the presence of the indwelling spark.


     Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

     Moments filled with reverence capture a beauty of expression.  A mother looks on her child with a greater degree of wonder at the miracle of it, the artist regards the fruits of his or her joyful creativity and we show great joy in the intrinsic beauty of God’s creation and its flowering in the human heart.

orchids     Harriet Beecher Stowe once observed, “In all ranks of life the human heart yearns for the beautiful.” 

     As I reflect on inner peace through the dark moments there is a calling need to look for beauty nearby and always try to cultivate an internal sense of awe within myself, others and the magnificence of the universe.  We are all born to be the Light and to shine this Light eternally through the Love that dwells within each one of us.”

     Carol Zengara in North Carolina, USA expands, “Beauty through the Light of ourselves and the Light of all persons, places and things we encounter is the dome of sacredness and the art-of-living the divine beauty within and without.”


  • “My heart is opened wide to every song of life.”

Sabian Affirmation for Happiness